10 Fun Ideas to Incorporate into Your Wedding

Wedding days are supposed to be fun, but with all the stressful planning that some couples go through, sometimes things can become not so pleasant. To be sure that you really make it all worth it, here are 10 super fun ideas that you can include in your big day. These ideas will surely put a big smile on your face and everyone around.

1. Hold a pre-wedding party or field day:

This is a great way to get your wedding party acquainted if they don’t already know each other! Plan a fun day out on the town, some physical activities, or a fun party to build the relationships.

2. Create a snapchat filter:

Now a day’s social media is really becoming a big part of people’s everyday lives. Snapchat, the newest platform, is extremely popular and so are the filters. It has gotten so popular that you can pay and create your own! Wedding filters are the next big thing and it is something that a lot of brides and grooms are opting in to! Check out this link for more information https://www.snapchat.com/on-demand

3. Prepare for a highly anticipated first look:

Want to build up even more anticipation from your groom? Have him be blindfolded once he gets to the altar so he doesn’t see you until the moment before you begin your vows! The reaction on his face will be truly priceless.

4. Incorporate designs into the wedding isle:

There are many ways that you can have cool designs on wedding isle. You can have lights, colors, pictures, and more to make the actual ceremony be just as fun!

5. Toss something at the couple as they leave the ceremony:

Tossing rice is something that has been around for many years, however recently we have seen couples take a modern twist on this! Tossing pom-poms balls, glitter, and confetti are three of the best items to throw and a great way to show love and excitement for the new couple.

6. Arrive to or leave your wedding / reception in style:

A traditional limo is not your only option for transportation any more. Sports cars, water vehicles, helicopters, bikes, motorcycles, etc. can all be super fun ways to make memories with your spouse.

7. Have an expert tasting session during the cocktail hour or reception:

Wine and beer tastings are very popular during weddings. Be sure to look around for a great brand and one that most people may not have tried before. They may end up leaving with a some of their own!

8. Have an interactive guest book:

You can have a guest book that asks for advice, tips, and encouraging messages for the couple. In addition it doesn’t have to be in book format. Modern couples get large boards, photo books, posters and much more! Being able to look back on something like this will be priceless for your marriage.

9. Share fun facts:

Whether you place them on the guest tables, around the room, or verbally share them, trust us when we say that your guests will love learning fun facts about you and your spouse!

10. Have song selections for the DJ:

We all know that the couple will have their set songs for the wedding but what about the guests? Take the time to create little song request cards that your guest can fill out and send to the DJ throughout the night. The songs can be crazy and fun and really make the crowd have a good time!

All in all there are truly so many things that oneRuffled - photo by http://www.rachel-whyte.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/texas-gemstone-wedding/ can do to incorporate some fun ideas in their wedding, and we hope that these few are a good start! One thing that you can never go wrong with is setting up surprises. Remember there is no such thing as too much fun during a wedding!



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