A Blutiful Celebration

“I want something classy with a blue theme for my birthday”. This is what our featured client Jacenta approached me as her initial idea.  Jacenta loves the color blue and for me, a lover of the same color, it was very easy to come up with creative ideas to help morph her vision of a classy celebration for her upcoming milestone birthday.

Yes, Devoted to Your Event’s first client of 2015 hosted the celebration of our dear friend Jacenta’s 50 and Blutiful Birthday celebration.  Jacenta is a retired veteran of the U.S. Army, full time mom, Government employee, owner of a health and nutrition company Blutifuly Fit and Fabulous, sorority sister of Zeta Phi Beta and loving wife to her husband Dee. We traveled to Alabama to set if off in an elegant way and got the ball rolling for this classy lady’s event. When I say classy, it was classy!

After stumbling over a couple themes, it was Jacenta that came up with the word Blutiful. What does Blutiful mean I asked? “Blutiful is a word we use in Zeta-land; it is the combined words of blue, their sorority color and beautiful”.

Immediately, I started taking copious notes and gathering ideas of not only how to decorate but what activities would be fun and engaging for all of Jacenta’s guests. Over the next 6 months, we entertained the process of seeking out the perfect venue, the right Deejay, caterer, baker and photographer to solidify the required resources to make this just right. Not to mention selecting the distinguished guests and creating the perfect invitation.

As the time grew near, nerves were growing with intensity but the evening went off flawlessly. The song “Champagne Life” set the tone for all the guests to greet and honor the “Queen of the evening”; It was on to a great time for all! The atmosphere said elegance, the crowd- mature, the pictures were beautiful, the food was scrumptious, the music was pumping the entire time keeping everyone constantly dancing except during planned activities and even then, the DJ did his thing. Last but most importantly, Queen Jacenta was flawless! Unfortunately many knees, backs and necks were aching the next day from all the dancing but it was worth it! Thank you Jacenta for the awesome opportunity to serve you! I am glad you enjoyed yourself as we pride ourselves in producing unforgettable events.

Devoted to your Event, LLC would like to acknowledge Chef Eric and Jerri Kerlegon for the catering, Christopher Stewart of Fountain City Entertainment, LLC for the Deejay services, Stephone Berry of Kingdom Shots for the photography, Angela Hagler for designing and Kia German for transporting the delicious and elegantly decorated cake and lastly my fabulous Event Manager Patty Jackson for always supporting me. Thank you all for working with me to create the celebration that Jacenta wanted; these guys all rocked!

Tracy Pope, MBA
Certified Wedding Planner/Accredited Event Designer

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