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Are your wedding expenses adding up and causing you to stress out over your rising reception cost? Don’t worry; Devoted to Your Event has the solution for you! We are bringing you a list of great tips to decorate your reception for a low cost.



1. Choose a location that has a lavish look on its own. This will eliminate you from having to purchase a lot of décor, thus save you money in the end.

2. Create your own table runners. If you or someone you know is a crafty individual, go to your local fabric store and buy the fabric of your choice for your tables.

3. Go for chic and simple centerpieces. Instead of purchasing expensive flowers or grand table toppers, consider purchasing tall clear cylinders from your dollar store and put artificial flowers inside.

4. Light up the room. Use candles, dramatic lights, and inexpensive chandeliers to create the illusion of an upscale venue.

5. Bling it out. Jewels and little crystals can always take your décor to a new level, and the great thing is that these eye-catching items are very inexpensive.

6. Hire a musical group that has both a DJ and instrumentalists. This will lower your cost for entertainment and provide you with both a band and the top radio hits!

7. Desserts are pricey. If you want a large wedding cake and don’t have the money for it, use artificial layers to give you the illusion. No need for all of the layers to be edible! Cupcakes are another awesome alternative.

8. While we are on the topic of food, hire a friend or family member to do the catering. Everyone has that one person they know who is an awesome cook, and their prices will be way less than a caterer you don’t know.

9. Go on a shopping spree at the local craft stores and see what you find! There are some gorgeous items in these stores, some even greater DIY items, and all for fantastic prices.

10. Ask your newlywed friends if you can borrow some of their old wedding décor. Most couples don’t want to throw everything away right away, but they also don’t want to hold on to everything for too long.

These were just a few tips for you to take a small budget and turn it into a reception that looks very expensive. Contact us for more ways to be luxurious on a budget!

Amber Bentley
Social Media Manager/Event Assistant
Devoted to Your Event


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