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Wedding expenses are always something that makes people cringe! A budget can start out so small and then next thing you know your prices are through the roof! Well, rest assure, you haven’t seen “expensive” until you take a look at the breakdown of a celebrity wedding!

Looking at a million dollar ceremony will surely ease your mind when you are looking at your own bill, particularly the wedding of Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West. This couple got married in 2014 and spent over $12 million dollars on their ceremony! Stick with us as we dive into what made this wedding so expensive!

“Kimye” as this couple is so often known as, traveled out of the country for their wedding to both Paris and Florence during a week’s period. But wait….before we can even get into the wedding, did you know that the proposal and 15-carat ring that Kanye purchased added up to $3.3 million total in itself!?

So lets get into the breakdown of the biggest components of this extravagant intercontinental ceremony.

  • Hotel George V in Paris: Rooms start at $750/night
  • St Regis or Four Seasons: Rooms start at $885/night
  • Villa San Michele in Florence (for the family): $1,800/night
  • Westin Excelsior (for their guests): $68,000 for 100 rooms
  • Transportation in the city: $70,000
  • Air transport: $74,000 per trip between Florence and Paris
  • Bachelorette Dinner: $409/person
  • Givenchy Haute Couture Wedding Gown: $500,000
  • Balmain heels: $40,000
  • Makeup and Hair Stylists known as her “Glam Squad: $380/person, an estimated $65,000 total
  • Forte di Belvedere Wedding Venue: $409,000
  • Fiori Della Signoria Flowers: $136,000
  • Wedding Catering: $110,000
  • 7-foot tall cake: $6,685
  • Opera Star, Andrea Bocelli: anywhere from $136,000-$1.3 million
  • 230 ft Calacatta Vaticano Marble Table: $478,000

Now, while Kim and Kanye are the only ones who know the true value, these estimates bring their wedding up to over 12 million dollars! Super expensive and it will definitely be a wedding experience that they and everyone involved will never forget!

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