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Your wedding day is arguably one of the happiest days that one can go through. With so many working parts, it is easy for things to get overwhelming so Devoted To Your Event is bringing you 7 tips today that you should keep in mind that will help you have a stress free wedding day!

1. First and foremost hire a wedding planner. A lot of couples think that they can do everything on their own, which is possible…however having a professional on board will make it much more easier!

2. Create a checklist. This is a simple task that you can begin creating well in advance and by the time your big day is here you will have a list that includes everything you need.

3. Keep your schedule clear. This is a biggie! On your big day you don’t want to schedule any big brunches, manis and pedis, etc. Handle all errands before hand and only stick to the necessities such as hair and makeup on your wedding day.

4. On your wedding day you need to be focused on YOU. So, instead of worrying about how your venue and reception hall will turn out, designate someone close to you to be your eyes and ears…along with the wedding planner.

5. Have along time with your spouse…DURING the reception. With all that is going on on your big day, you will probably feel like you are being pulled from left to right. However, it is crucial to take time to actually spend time with your spouse, i.e. be lovey dovey at the table, go off to another area and talk about the ceremony, share several dances together, etc!

6. Arrange for you and your spouses meal to be prepared. There is nothing worse than having a buffet area for the food and the couple not getting any. Ensure that there are special plates made first, OR saved in the back for the couple to eat once they are finished greeting everyone.

7. Our last tip is to remember what is important. On your wedding day it will be easy to get overwhelmed, stressed out, etc. but you must remember that YOU are the one who drives the mood. If you are stressed, everyone else will be too. Keep in mind that it is okay for things to go wrong, just don’t loose sight in what the purpose is…the uniting of you and your spouse on this very special day! If what you are stressing over won’t matter in 1 day, then it is not worth stressing over!

Amber Bentley
Social Media Manager/Event Assistant,
Devoted to Your Event

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