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When in a relationship there is one word that always comes up, and that word is

“compromise.” There are going to be many situations and topics that couples will

have to come to an agreement on, but at the very same time there are some things

that each individual believes in, stands on, wants and don’t want that are “non-

negotiable.” This month’s blog post is all about those topics that you need to wrap

your head around before getting into a relationship, or before saying “I do.”

1. Political Views

Whether you are seriously into politics or not, it is important to understand where

you stand and where your partner stands. Would you be okay if he or she did not

share the same political views as you? Along with the party sides, other things that

fall under this category are same-sex marriage, abortion, the justice system, etc. It

would be ideal if you and your spouse agreed on all of this.

2. Religious Beliefs

Finding out what one’s religion is, is something that is vital prior to getting seriously

involved with someone. If you are religious, do you need your partner to have the

same beliefs as you? Is there room for differences in belief? Religion is something

that can guide one’s life, be sure this is an early topic of discussion.

3. Marriage

What is the ideal age that you want to get married? Are you the type who even

wants to get married or do you prefer to keep it title free? Marriage is a big step in

one’s life; you should never have to compromise on this topic, so find someone who

agrees with your views as well.

4. Sex

This topic is one that you should have ironed out in your mind before dating and

getting into a relationship. You do not want someone making this decision for you.

Decide what you are and are not willing to do, if anything at all, and make sure that

your partner is okay with that and respects it. Along with sex, you should discuss

sexual history, boundaries, and much more.

5. Children

Most people do not have this conversation until they are sure that their

relationships could be headed somewhere, however early on there is no harm in

getting an idea of how many kids if any that your partner might want. Decisions like

these along with the ideal age to start a family could often change in one’s mind but

having that basic conversation can cause no harm.

6. R-E- S-P- E-C- T

A relationship cannot progress if there isn’t respect. Be conscious of ones words,

actions and behaviors early on because that will give you insight into how they will

treat you in the long run and how they will handle situations.

7. Gender Roles

Being seen as equal in a relationship is a must. Once that is established you have to

discuss where you and your partner stand on roles such as household tasks. Some

people feel strongly about not doing certain things, or what their expectations are

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