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A wedding is nothing without décor! Whether you are the simple type couple, or on the extravagant side, there has got to be some sort of décor for your big day.

Lets first start out by saying that your décor is more than a bouquet of flowers on a table, or a color scheme at the reception. Your décor really does set the entire scene for your event.

Think about it…what is a play without the backdrops and props? The same thing goes for a wedding. You have to create the atmosphere.

Because your décor will be captured in photos that you will have forever, be sure that you love what you select! It is not uncommon to start planning your decorations far in advance. Those that wait until the last minute usually end up very stressed, or worse, some end up unhappy with what they select. All in all, you definitely need to put some effort into this portion of your wedding.

Below are some of the top places that you can incorporate decorations into:

1. Signage – This can be a directional sign, welcome sign, seating chart etc.! These items can be a cute place to incorporate your theme into, and not to mention they will be very helpful for your guests.

2. The Entrance – First impressions are key for both the wedding and reception. Make sure you and your guests are both wowed from the moment they walk in.

3. Escort Cards and Menus – You do not always have to have fancy or creative escort cards or menus. Sometimes the simpler the better, plus you can decorate the table that they are sitting on as another option.

4. Guest Book – Here is the area where guests usually get the most creative! Design your guest book to reflect your wedding theme or something that you and your partner will cherish is a must.

5. Lighting – There are endless options for your wedding and reception lighting. From chandeliers, to candles, to string lighting, to uplights, and so much more! Look to your wedding planner for insight on the best lights for you theme and venue.

7. Chairs and Tables – Ribbons, and cute covers are the most popular ways to decorate your chairs and tables. Get artistic with the way you tie your ribbons, and get fancy with your table runners!

8. Wedding Favors – Having little gifts for your guests are cute, but don’t forget to spice them up a tad, i.e. adding a ribbon to candles, personalizing the gift bags for your guests, and more.

Presentation is key and without décor you have no presentation. Your options are infinite when it comes to wedding décor and that right there should let you know how big of a deal this is!

On behalf of our team, if you ever need any inspiration or assistance be sure to contact Devoted to Your Event so we can create something fabulous for you!


Amber Bentley
Social Media Manager/Event Assistant,
Devoted to Your Event

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