Celebrating Life’s Accomplishments, Family and Friends

Devoted to Your Event’s last client of 2015, Ms. Gwen B, hosted a celebration of her accomplishment of retiring from her job. She shared with me that it was important to celebrate this milestone with all of the wonderful family and friends she has been blessed to experience it all with; not to mention the celebration of her 65th birthday.

Yes, our featured client that closed out our busy and blessed year has so much to be thankful for. She was heavy in the planning phases of her retirement celebration when she reached out to me. I could tell from the excitement in her voice that she is ready to hang up her working hat and step into the “Good Life”.

“What a blessing”, I said, not everyone is fortunate to work a full career and reap the benefits of retirement but Ms. Gwen has. She provided Devoted to Your Event an initial idea of the plans that were already in progress and her vision of that special day as she prepared for more than 120 guests.

That’s all I really needed; God has given me the gift of creativity and a love for doing things with my hands. “Centerpieces for my guest tables are all I’ll need, nothing extravagant, something simple, classic and low cost”. Ms. Gwen provided me a few inspiration photos which really help to capture the essence of her vision and I took that and came up with a few options.

d9e8efd1-e820-4bff-89c6-57d75f91c4acWithin a couple days, after several email exchanges, she had blessed off on the centerpiece that was just right for the occasion and we were ready to create. I really enjoyed the process of coming up with an end product she would be happy to share with her guests.

The day had come and it was as beautiful as ever for a mid December day. Devoted to Your Event got an early start but we were able to witness the numbers of guest who came out to celebrate Ms. Gwen dressed fine.  I met her daughters, husband and some of her church family. As a wedding and event planner, I must say, she put things together in an elegant way; I couldn’t have done a better job myself. All of the fanfare of the evening had begun for this classy lady’s event and when I say classy, it was classy!

There were speeches, a singer, dedications, a children’s dance performance, and other aspects that celebrated Ms. Gwen’s end of her long career and her birthday. I knew when I met Ms. Gwen earlier back in the summer of 2015 that she had a wholesome spirit. I could tell, she was God fearing, God loving and had a heart of Gold.

Thank you Ms. Gwen for the opportunity to serve you! I am happy you enjoyed yourself as we pride ourselves in producing unforgettable events. Although I did not produce this particular event, I am honored that Devoted to Your Event, LLC played a key role in making your day forever memorable; many blessing to you and your family!

Tracy Pope, MBA
Certified Wedding Planner/Accredited Event Designer

Pictures  courtesy of Bagley Abisheva

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