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Sending out your wedding invites is probably one of the first things you do after you have your theme and venue secured. This is an important step in your process because it is the first impression of your wedding to you guests. Creating normal wedding invitations is still popular, however there is a new trend that has been emerging in our fast paced society, and that trend is wedding websites! A wedding website is a great source for all of your friends and family to stay updated on your wedding details. It eliminates the hassle of having to track down everyone’s addresses and spend money on mailing physical invitations. Here we have five great tips on what you should include on your wedding website!

  1. Inform, don’t Instruct: When it comes to your website, be sure to include all of the important details. Additionally, when it comes to your helpful information (e.g., the dress code, weather) it is much more successful when you inform your guests instead of instructing them. Advising that one wears sandals or shoes that can get sand in them is much more received than writing “No fancy shoes allowed!” Guests will want to make their own decision based off of your information, not get told what they can and cannot do.


  1. Include your bio and how you met: The “About” page on a wedding website is probably the most interesting section. This will allow the individuals who really never knew how the couple met to get all the inside information and to also learn about the bride and groom’s life as well. This section is always super cute and sometimes hilarious, especially when you get to read both the bride and groom’s version of how they met and who approached who! You can also include some information on your wedding party as well.


  1. Include a page for the RSVP: The purpose of your wedding website is to take the place of a physical invitation so you definitely need to include a page for your guests to RSVP on. This will be a much quicker way to not only get guests to rsvp but also for you to keep track of them all.


  1. Registries or gift preferences are welcome: Another thing you should definitely include on your wedding website is a link to your gift registry. Whether you have all your items planned out in your wish list, or you simply want money to go towards your honeymoon or your favorite charity, it is definitely worth noting on your website. Guests will be grateful for this information, trust us!


  1. Include all logistics and provide answers to all possible questions: While this may seem like an obvious step, sometimes people forget to include all of the necessary information when they are caught up in the thrill of wedding planning. Be sure to include what time the wedding starts, the address and how to get there, an idea of the dress code, information on the food and if it will be a cash bar, etc. Think of all the possible questions your guests will ask and answer them before they get to ask them!


If you are thinking about creating a wedding website you are in luck because there are so many different resources available. Websites such as: TheKnot, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Wedding Window and some really great ones to take a look into. Take advantage of the resources that you have right at your fingertips to make your wedding planning run even smoother!




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