Engagement Gift Ideas for a Couple!

One of the most exciting times is when a couple gets engaged! It can be even more exciting if someone involves is a friend or family member. Today’s blog is all about great engagement gift ideas that a couple will surely love. Whether you are going to an engagement party, dinner, or YOU are the newly engaged couple and need inspiration for your gift registry, keep reading for some great ideas!



Gifts For The Couple

  1. A wedding planner: This gift is perfect because it will help them keep everything together and in order when planning for their wedding. Some versions come with checklists, calendars, budget tips and much more.
  2. Champagne flutes: If the couple likes to enjoy a nice drink every now and then, an occasion like this will surely involve a lot of it! Purchase them a nice set of flutes that they will always be able to use and throw in a nice cool champagne bucket as well to give them a place to chill their drinks.
  3. A bottle of wine: Who wouldn’t love that?
  4. A new cutting board personalized for the couple. This seems to be a popular gift since most households use one and buying a personalized one will set this gift over the top.
  5. A crystal vase: Most people wouldn’t think to buy a vase on their own, so buying one for them will allow for the couple to always have one at the house if ever given flowers or simply for decoration!
  6. Customized stamps: During the wedding planning time and also after, there may be a lot of mail sent out by the couple for invites, thank you notes, etc. Purchasing them some customized stamps will be a cute addition to their mail and something that everyone could appreciate!
  7. Personalized bathrobes: The perfect “His and Hers” gifts to lounge around in at the house or while on vacation!
  8. Contribution to their Honey-Fund account for to help fund their honeymoon at www.honeyfund.com/


Gifts For Her

  1. Jewelry is definitely number one of the list! Whether its necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, a female will always appreciate and welcome a new piece of jewelry, especially since she will have many events to attend between now and her wedding day.
  2. Bridal clothes and lingerie: This is a super cute way for the bride to flaunt her engagement and have memories of this special time with a “Bride” or “Bride to be” item!
  3. Desserts and treats: Cute bridal treats are great for a dinner or party with the bride, you can get creative and make them yourself or seek a professional to make them for you.
  4. A fancy frame: During this time in a female’s life there will be countless pictures taken and she will surely want to frame some of them.
  5. Bouquet charm: This is a small item but something that can mean a lot to a bride. Whether it is engraved, or has a picture of a loved one in it, she will be able to carry that charm down the isle with her bouquet and hold whatever special meaning it has close to her heart!


Gifts For Him

  1. A tie clip: Whether he wears it on his actual wedding day or on a day where he needs to dress up, a tie clip is always a great accessory to add some extra pop to a man’s outfit.
  2. Luggage tags: With traveling probably something that will happen in the couples near future, why not get the male a new fresh set of luggage tags for him and his wife.
  3. Cigars/cigar holder: If the male enjoys a nice cigar get him some new ones to add to his collection and add a stylish holder that he would like as well.
  4. A pocket square: This is another gift used for the same reason as a tie clip, to add style to a man’s outfit, and once again it will surely not go to waste!
  5. Socks: The latest trend for men is to wear fancy colored socks with their clothes. No matter the occasion, dressed up or down, it seems like men enjoy pairing their outfits with some funky socks, so give him some more to add to his collection!

All of these ideas are some great gifts you could give to a newly engaged couple! Check out https://www.theknot.com/content/engagement-gift-ideas

For even more gift ideas and links to some of these great items mentioned above!

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