Having The “Wedding Discussion” With Your Family

Marriage is a big deal, wouldn’t you agree? It takes lots of time, money, and effort combined to execute a wedding flawlessly. When you begin your wedding planning process keep in mind that there are key subjects that need to be discussed beforehand. You are now joining two families together and it is imperative to make sure that everyone is on one accord! Below is a list of all of the important topics that you should take the time to discuss with your families during wedding planning.

  1. The wedding budget:

This should be number one on everyone’s list! The budget will determine how big or small your wedding planning is, it will be your guiding light for everything you do during this process. See November’s blog post “Deciding Who Pays For What When Planning” for suggestions on the best ways to determine who pays for what in a wedding. This will make staying in budget a lot easier for the couple.

  1. The guest list:

Determining how large your wedding guest list will be should be done after determining the wedding budget. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase the invites to send out, have enough venue space to accommodate the number of people you invited, and last but not least have enough food. Some couples go for a small intimate wedding and others go for a grand ceremony with everyone they know! Either way let this be a topic of discussion during the beginning of your planning.

  1. Cultural/ Family traditions:

Every family is unique when it comes to this topic. Some families are deeply rooted in the 188182750long held traditions of their families, and others are more modern and want to start their own traditions. If you or your partner have a cultural background that performs specific marriage rituals, it is definitely wise to discuss if you and your spouse will be performing the rituals and how will they be done.

  1. Where the wedding will take place:

If you and your partner are from two different hometowns you will surely have to discuss where the wedding will be. Think about the amount of family members you both have in your specific towns and which location will be easier to accommodate more people. With that also comes selecting who will marry you both. For example, if there are special pastors in both of your lives then a decision will have to be made between the two.

  1. Who will be a part of the wedding:

Selecting who will be a part of the wedding is a bid deal as well. If you or your spouse has children or young members in the family, you will need to determine who will be the ring bearer and flower girl. It is not uncommon for there to be more than one of each. Next you will have to select who will be the bridesmaids and groomsmen. This decision doesn’t need that much discussion because the bride can handle her selection and the groom can handle his.

  1. The overall wedding theme:

Deciding on a wedding theme is a big decision and to best come to a conclusion we definitely suggest hiring a wedding planner! Not only will this individual give you the inside scoop on the best ideas and deals, but he or she can guide you throughout the entire process and help you make the most logical and stress-free decisions!

Wedding planning is not meant to be hard at all, its just something that requires a great deal of time. With the right support system and wedding planner on your side, all of these topics will be a breeze to finalize!


Amber Bentley
Social Media Manager/Event Assistant
Devoted to Your Event, LLC

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