How to Cut Alcohol Costs at Your Wedding

Now a days wedding receptions are transforming from what was once a nice gathering for everyone to congratulate and the bride and groom, into a true grand party for the couple and their guests. Receptions are the best part of a wedding because everyone can finally relax, let loose and party the night away! In most cases, you can’t have a wedding reception without the alcohol…which unfortunately can get very expensive. Will you have an open bar? How many guests are you inviting? What types of liquor are you serving? All of these are important questions that can greatly alter how much you spend on drinks. Keep reading to see the some great ways that you can cut alcohol costs at your wedding.

  1. Offer one to three signature cocktails.

Instead of having an open bar which can run you several thousand dollars, have a few personalized drink selections that will be offered. These drinks will consist of a few set liquors thus eliminating the option of guests picking and choosing whatever they want.

  1. Skip the champagne toast OR pour the glasses half full

Now, this is a small change to implement but it definitely will add up in the end. Providing a full glass of champagne is not needed, because chances are, your guests will care more about the liquor at the bar. So to save a few hundred dollars, only pour them a half glass, or you can skip the toast entirely and let them toast with what they have in their hands.

  1. Serve only beer and wine.

This trend is very popular with the modern bride. You can offer a variety of different beers and wine and this will total up to less than a variety of straight liquor. If you want to go this route then consider offering a “tasting” hour with some local brews and wine to make your guests feel like they are getting something great out of this experience.

  1. Shorten the open bar hours.

If you must have an open bar and are concerned with the price, simply shorten the hours! Instead of having an open bar all night, just make it end a few hours earlier. This will not only save you a great deal, but you will be able to feel better about your guests leaving the reception safely because they will have time for their buzz to wear off.

.Pay her head, instead of per drink.

Some caterers offer the option to pay per head, instead of per drink and if they do, they take the offer. You will end up saving more money paying per head, even IF everyone doesn’t get a drink. Chances are that the ones who are drinking will have several drinks a piece and paying her head will cut the costs.

  1. Speaking of the liquor, eliminate top-shelf brands from the selection.

If you absolutely MUST have an open bar then an option for you is to eliminate the most expensive brands of liquor. Your guests can get just as “lit” off of less expensive brands, and no one should complain since the drinks will be free.

  1. Host a day time wedding.

Guests always tend to drink much more at weddings that are in the night, as opposed to weddings that are during the day. So if your plans are not set in stone ye, look into an earlier wedding time as an option to save money!

  1. Hire a friend who is a bartender.

Have any friends who are licensed bartenders? Definitely see if they wouldn’t mind assisting with your reception and they probably won’t charge you as much as other bartenders will! Think of it as a wedding gift from them to you!

All of these tips and more can go great for lessening your wedding bill, and at the same time they will be so small that no one will have any less fun…trust us!

Amber Bentley
Social Media Manager/Event Assistant
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