Prepare for an End of Summer Celebration

With fall making its 2015 debut and summer just ending, most people would look back and wonder where the time went.  Family vacations are merely a moment of the past while students have returned to school. That wonderful time of year that we call summer is a season filled with happy times, and outdoor fun!

Before Old Man Winter takes over, we still have time for that “last hoorah”.  Did you get a chance to have an end of summer celebration? If not do not fret, here we will share with you 6 important steps you may want to consideration when planning for your epic summer celebration next year!

1. Spread the word efficiently: Summer is a very busy season for kids and adults so if you want a large turnout then send out invites at least a month or so before. This will ensure that most guests will be able to keep that day clear. Also be sure to include where the party will be, if it is inside or outside, and the theme so one will know how to dress. This is essential information to include on an invite along with the date and time.

2. Be sure to select a location that can accommodate all your invited guests: Whether your party is at your home, at a park, or your local community center, there is nothing worse than not having enough tables, chairs, or space for everyone. Although all your invited guests are not guaranteed to show or stay the entire time, you still want to have enough room for them all. Renting tables and chairs is always popular in the summer; folding chairs can even start as low as $2.00.

3. Purchase the essential items in advance AND in bulk: If your party is going to be around one of the holidays, you should know that the grocery stores will be packed with people trying to buy the same food and supplies. Get your items early so you will not have to stress out the day before your party. Also buying items in bulk is a great way to have more than enough supplies and all for an efficient price. If your party is going to be outdoors be sure to have mosquito and other bug repellent. And if your party is going on through the night be sure to have decorative lighting set up so you guests can still see and be comfortable when the sun goes down.

4. Set up a playlist for the party: The music sets the entire mood for the party. Select songs that are sure to make people want to dance and sing along with. Hiring a DJ is also very popular, this way the host will not have to worry about the songs at all.

5. Plan activities for the age groups invited: If your party is for all ages, be sure to have activities that will keep the children entertained as well as fun games that adults will want to play too. However if your party is for adults only you can never go wrong with some fun drinking games that everyone can let loose to!

6. The last tip is to play it cool: The weather during the summer can get really hot in most states so it is important to have enough beverages to keep everyone hydrated throughout your party. Water, juices and sodas are a must have, and if the crowd is 21 and whip up some nice frozen drinks!

Overall, having an end of the summer bash is usually a great way to end the summer with all of your friends and family. There are endless options for how you can go about your party but the most important tip is to have fun!!

Article Written by:

Amber Bentley
Social Media Manager/Event Assistant
Devoted to Your Event, LLC


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