Incorporating Children into Your Wedding

Now a days it is very common to see children involved in wedding prep and the actual ceremony! There are so many different ways that one can chose to incorporate children into a wedding, so keep reading to find out the 5 unique ways that we loved the most! 

  1. Let the children help pick out the ring:

Gentlemen, if you or your partner has a child from a previous relationship, or if you and your soon to be fiancé have a child together, a great way to make them feel important is to let them help pick out the engagement ring. Letting them in on this huge secret and having them there when you propose will be a moment they never forget!

2.Take them with you while you shop for your wedding outfits:

What daughter wouldn’t want to see her mommy in a gorgeous princess wedding dress?! This would be a great moment for the two of you to bond and for the child’s eyes to light up with amazement! You could even let her pick out a few dresses that she might want you to try you….you never know, she might even find the dress you end up buying!

  1. Include them in the ceremony:

There are a lot of cute ways that children get incorporated into weddings these days! They can be at the front door greeting the guests, they can be the flower girl or ring bearer, they can walk down the isle with you and “give you away” at the altar, plus much more. Moments like these are priceless for both the couple and the guests!

  1. Include them in the first dance:

After you and your partner have your first dance you can call your kids up to join in on the fun! This would be a perfect photo op! The dances could be even more special if the father and daughter had a dance and the mother and son shared one as well.

  1. Get crafty at the reception:

If you are inviting children to your wedding it would be cute to have tables set up for them to have some fun while the adults are having their own fun. Providing non-messy art supplies and letting the children draw cute pictures of the couples or of the wedding room will be great mementos for the couple to keep in their wedding album.

Incorporating children into your big day will add happy vibes, adorable smiles, and most of all a lot of energy! All in all it will be nothing short of unforgettable when done the right way!


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