Meet Our Staff of the 2nd Quarter Mia!

It’s that time again; Devoted to Your Event LLC would like to shed light on one of our superstar staff members. This quarter we will be highlighting a staff member who has been with the team from its early stages of development. This exceptional individual is an extremely hard worker, has the most positive attitude and contributes a lot of her own experience into what we do to provide a magnificent service to our clients. This superstar assistant is Mia Ma, our senior Event Assistant!

Mia Ma is originally from Shanghai, China; she graduated from Indiana University Bloomington as the Master’s in Recreational Sports Administration. One month after arriving to the United States, Mia joined Indiana Memorial Union (IMU), the leading Banquet Catering Business in Bloomington, IN. It was there she first came to know about Western Style Weddings, especially what happens at the reception as it was far more different than the China traditions.

Glorious settings, seasonal flowering, exquisite cuisine, live music and for most, people’s enjoyment were the different exciting elements, Mia was able to experience in milestone celebrations of the western culture. “I was truly impressed by the endless happiness on the couple and all the guests. To me, it was a culture shock at first, yet, furthermore a great experience”. All of that grandeur led Mia into getting involved in the event planning industry.

After 3 years with IMU, Mia moved up to the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, known as the “DMV” that covers (District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia) area, Where she met the owner/CEO, Ms. Tracy Pope during a training session she was taking in Virginia. She was scouting out young ambitious candidates who wouldn’t mind earning a few extra dollars supporting her business of weddings and events. I guess you can say Mia was in the right place at the right time.

Tracy’s passion of the event planning industry as well as her enthusiastic delivery of her client’s life memorable experience is something that I admired and decided to get on board more than a year ago. Being a part of turning a blank, weird, nothing close to elegant venue into a place that everyone vows was a big challenge, made me smile both inside and out when I heard from the venue staff “we never thought this place could be that pretty”, I knew then, we made it. “The client satisfaction is the greatest motivation for all of us here at Devoted To Your Event”.

Other than the event assistant, Mia works as a Customer Care Manager in a Professional Training company in Arlington, VA, and a Travelers Aid Volunteer in Ronald Reagan National Airport every Sunday.

We are truly grateful for Mia’s dedication with all that we do here at Devoted to Your Event, LLC, she is by far a superstar!

By Tracy Pope CEO
Photo of Tracy Pope and Mia Ma Courtesy of Baglan Abisheva

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