The Perfect Wedding

Now that you’re engaged, everybody is happy for you and your fiancé. Everyone is so happy that they immediately start overloading you with questions about when, where, how, and why about your upcoming wedding.

Folks want to transcend their vision of what you should do and why you should do it. Comments come before you like, “You know you’re Catholic so you have to have service in the chapel before you marry” or “You have to wear something blue”, “We are Jewish and it is customary to say the Jewish prayer” or “You have to jump the broom, it pays respect to your ancestors”. Before you know it, you’re confused about what to do and you turn to the internet for information overload.

The reality is, we no longer live in a time where weddings have to align to weddings of yesteryear or look like a live version of the Cinderella story. The perfect wedding is not what your grandmother wants, your mom wants or even what your dad wants (unless they are footing the bill) and even then, the perfect wedding is what you and your fiancé want to have, whatever that may be.

If you choose to have a traditional wedding in a Church with all the bells and whistles, then by all means do it if that is your vision of the perfect wedding. If you and your fiancé love the Flintstones cartoon, Butterflies, Pink Pansies or Dinosaurs and you want to have that as your wedding theme, then by all means do it if that is the vision of the perfect wedding for the two of you.

Don’t allow others to dictate what the perfect wedding is to you. The perfect wedding is what you imagine it to be. So don’t limit yourself from the possibilities of ideas you and your sweetheart can create for your Big Day; be sure to give it a lot of thought and do as much or as little to live out one of the most important days in your life. You deserve it!


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