Wedding Invitations, Your Way

Wedding Invitations
Make your own when you’re on a budget

So you want to make your own wedding invitations? Many Bride’s-to-be want their invitations to be flawless; it is an initial example of what is to come.  I’m sure that for many the first image that pops up in their mind is something that looks homemade, shabby and cheap. I want to show you how you can create your own handmade wedding invitations that are affordable without looking cheap.

One great way to get a perfectly customized and one-of-a-kind, unique invitation, is to make it yourself.

Even if your concerns do not lie with having a truly one-of-a-kind invitation, do it yourself wedding invitations will certainly save you money. Making your own invitations is one of the most popular of the many ways to cut costs from your wedding budget. Some brides-to-be forgo this idea with the thought that they are just not creative enough to make an elegant handmade invitation. And this is where I want to help. Here, I’ll share some of my tips, advice, and even some step by step tutorials on making handmade wedding invitations with style and class.

And trust me, I know about keeping it on the cheap. I hosted my own low budget wedding. And, of course, I made my own wedding invitations. I created my invitations for less than $65.00 for around 125 guests. That includes all the supplies and paper, copying and cutting, etc… Not only that but I made my invitations all myself, single handed and on short notice since I waited until the last second. You can make your own wedding invitations on the cheap, and do it without breaking too much of a sweat. I want to show you how!

Homemade and DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

When doing invitations, they are very simple to do, you figure out what your style is and there are many examples online to choose from plus many examples of the right wording to give you examples of what you could say or make your own words.

Invitations are no longer a thing that has to match perfectly. You can now mix and match ideas, colors, papers and themes. Make them your own! That’s the beauty of creating your own homemade wedding invitations.

Another way you can make wedding invitations on the cheap is to go online to an online invitation management site that you can sign up for free and even allow you to select from a small number of options that are free which you can customize it for your use. Site such as is a perfect example of a website that allows you to sign up for free and provides a few free options of really nice invitations you can use to send and manage all your guests from.  You are in control! You get exactly what you want and for little to NO COST!

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