Where to Splurge and Where to Save when it Comes to Your Wedding

So, we all know that there is an endless list to work off of when planning for a wedding. When it comes wedding purchases, there are some things that you can and SHOULD splurge on, and there are other things that you should save on. There is no right or wrong decisions, however we have some great insight for you that will help you decide what is worth it!


1. Wedding Dress: Of course this is number one! As a bride, you need to feel AMAZING on your wedding dress so splurging a little to achieve that is perfectly acceptable.

2. Entrees and Appetizers: These two are definitely things you should splurge on! You definitely want your guests to be eating, especially if there is alcohol is involved. Take the time to plan out your menu and ensure that you have enough food for all of your guests.

3. Cake Flavor(s): There is nothing worse than a wedding cake that tastes like a cake from the grocery store. Spend the time cake tasting to ensure that you find the perfect cake and the perfect decorator to make your vision come to life!

4. Wedding/Reception Music: This can make or break your big day! It is imperative that you select the best band, DJ, songs etc. because the music dictates everyone, and I mean EVERYONE’s mood!

5. Lighting:  A chandelier can make a room go from basic to extravagant, up lighting can make a room go from classic to chic, spotlights can really center in on the dance floor and have everyone feeling important, and there are so many other types of lights that one can have. Selecting your lighting should come after you have set a theme, but this is definitely something you may want to put some extra money on.

6. Photography/videography: What is a wedding day without photos and video footage? The answer to that is a mere memory that will loose its vivid details as the years go on. Splurging on an individual or a company is wise because they will provide you with the lasting memories from this special day that will have you feeling just as magical as you felt in person whenever you watch it.


1. Veil: No need to splurge on a veil when you just did for your dress. Simplicity is key when it comes to veils, so you can stick with a classic or less embellished one and still look just as fabulous. DIY veils are popular as well.

2.  Wedding Flowers: While a hit at a wedding, your flowers do not have to be expensive at all. Look up some sites online and you will fine some awesome ways to have inexpensive flowers for the bride, bridal party, flower girl, centerpieces, and much more.

3. Cake Tiers: Now a days, the trend is to get fake cake tiers to save money. Couples will have a 5-layer cake with only the top layer being real cake! How cool is that? One can save so much money with this and simply have a sheet cake in the back for serving.

4. Wedding Invitations: The process of purchasing your invites, personalizing them and mailing out can easily add up when it comes to costs. Consider DIY invites; consider sending out an electronic version, etc. All of these are great alternatives to creating a grand elaborate wedding invite. At the end of the day, all you really want is your guests to have all of the central information needed for the big day!

5. Wedding Favors: When it comes to thanking your guests for attending your wedding, this is important yet easily taken out of hand. It is not necessary to splurge on wedding favors as these are meant to be little keepsakes of the special day.

Up for Debate:

1. Shoes: Now, this topic is up for debate because if you are a die-hard shoe lover then we definitely say that you can drop a few extra bucks on your shoes for this special day! However, if your shoes wont be showing during the night, then you may benefit from a cute cheaper pair to save you

2. Jewelry: This is a tricky one because it depends on your dress. If you are wearing a classic and simple dress, they we say yes to splurging a tad to make your look pops. However, if your dress is already very detailed and busy, then we say do not splurge on your jewelry.

3. Centerpieces: These are the focal points of your reception room so you have to put some time into the design of these! Deciding on whether you want to spend more or less money on these depends entirely on the rest of your reception décor. Some couples like to have extravagant centerpieces with simple décor and others like to have extravagant décor with more classic centerpieces.

4. The Bar: This depends completely on the couple. Some want an open bar and others opt to choose for only a select amount of wine, beer, or cocktails.

All in all, the items that you decide to splurge on should be the things that will make this big day unforgettable TO YOU. Weigh your options and be sure that it all falls within budget, and you will be just fine! Remember this is your big day so you deserve to go all out in some aspects, just keep in mind that you don’t HAVE to do so for all of it!

If you need further help finding deals on the items you want to save on, you are in the right place! Contact Devoted to Your Event today and let us take care of you. We can get you the best deals and not to mention help create some amazing DIY projects for you that will save you tons!

Source: https://www.theknot.com/content/how-to-save-and-splurge-on-the-wedding

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