A Great Way to End Your Reception

Wedding Receptions are undoubtedly the liveliest part of a wedding. The stress of a wedding is over and the time to celebrate with your most cherished friends and family begins. The question after you’ve partied the night away is how do you end the night? Many clients often wonder what they are supposed to do to close out their reception and here you can find several great suggestions!

1. End on a slow song:

This will tone down the mood and be very fitting for a night filled with upbeat dancing. Everyone can get up and join in on that last song of the night.

2. Make a closing speech:

Around the time that you are thinking about wrapping up the reception, you and your spouse can take the stage or the microphone one last time to thank everyone for coming out and being a part of your special day.

3. Have the DJ announce the last song:

This is often seen or heard after the couple makes a closing speech. If the DJ makes the announcement it can make it look like it was his call and not the couples decision. Therefore, if you have those partygoers who wanted to stay all night they wont be upset with you!

4. End on a timeless sing-a-long:

Select a song that all generations know and love and it will have everyone on one accord as the night ends.

5. Set off balloons, confetti or fireworks (if your venue is outside):

What better way to end with a bang than this! This can happen right before or after the final song of the night with one final cheer before everyone leaves!

There are many ways that you can end your reception and these don’t even cover half of them! It all depends on what you as the couple wants, and what your venue permits. Whatever you choose, have fun while doing it and make all of your guests leave wanting more!


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