Best Ways to Prioritize During Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be such a rush for most engaged couples, especially in the beginning stages. There are many elements that have to be covered and so many things that need to be done! It is easy to get side tracked, loose focus and expend energy on things that aren’t as important. To assist you in this busy period, we have a few helpful tips for how you can stay on track and best plan your wedding in a timely manner.

1) Hire a wedding planner. This seems to be a common tip we give in most of our articles, but it is truly always the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about wedding planning! A Certified Wedding Planner (CWP) has been trained in this field. He or she will not only have the knowledge but the experience and expertise to assist you with planning and budget management. The CWP’s job is to help you in orchestrating your event and is something that these individuals love to do! Let the planner take the reins and talk with you about everything that needs to be done and in what order it should be executed.

2) Keep a notebook of important information and questions you may have. List everything that needs to be done/purchased and put it in number order according to what is most important. Picking a date and finding a venue would easily be more important than creating your “save the dates” or picking out your centerpieces! You HAVE to prioritize. A lot of engaged couples have one thing on their mind from the moment they get engaged, and that is buying the dress. Every bride dreams of that one moment in life where she walks out the dressing room in her white gown overwhelmed with emotion that she has found the perfect one! As great as that sounds that should not be number one on your priority list so keeping this notebook will help you decide when the best time to buy your dress.

3) Don’t try to do everything on your own. When wedding planning, it is easy for the bride to naturally want to take over with most of the responsibility but that is not always the most effective thing to do. In addition to your wedding planner/coordinator, employ your family and friends to provide ideas and lessons learned from their similar events, that can save you money and headaches, They can be there for you in ways that the wedding planner cannot and will hold you accountable for what you do. Using technology with wedding planning apps, are also useful for the do it all couple who desires full hands on approach. By doing this you may also discover new ways that they may be able to contribute to your wedding, such as doing crafts, coordinating dance numbers, and much more!

The most effective and stress-free weddings are those that are planned efficiently. Take with you these three tips and you will be well on your way to planning a successful wedding in the most efficient way. For extra help contact Devoted to Your Event to start wedding planning today!

Amber Bentley
Social Media Manager/Event Assistant
Devoted to Your Event, LLC

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