Great Ways to Announce your Engagement!

DTYE has seen several engagements happen already in the year 2017, and this is a great sign for how the year is going to go! This month we are going to focus on special ways to announce your engagement to the world. There are so many different ways to do this so keep reading for more!

1. Face to Face: If you don’t get proposed to with all of your family and friends around then you definitely need to make it a point to get everyone together to announce the big news! Dinner or family outings are great options. If getting everyone together is not doable then pay visits to a few people.

2. Phone Calls: Some family members may be located out of state and you don’t want to keep the news from them too long, so picking up the phone is an option you can use as well.

3. Social Media: Most engaged couples cannot wait to share their news on social media. You will see the classic ring post, the post of the guy on one knee in the middle of proposing, or a post of the couple with the fiancé showing off her ring. This is a great way to share with all of your extended friends and family.

4. Engagement Party: Some couples like to keep the reason for the party secret and others are open with sharing the news prior to the party. If you are keeping this a secret then you have to think of a good cover up reason to host a party! A few good examples you can use as disguise are birthday parties, holiday parties, super bowl parties, etc! Then, once everyone arrives you can share the big news.


5. Engagement Photos: If you are the kind of couple that can keep a secret then setting up engagement photos to use for your big announcement is a great idea! Gentlemen, if you and your fiancé are into spontaneous events, then consider taking it a step further by proposing one day and then arranging for a glammed up photo shoot the day after! This way you will have beautiful photos to use and share right away.

Of course there are many other great ways that you and your fiancé can share this big news with others, but be sure that that is not the main thing you are focusing on. After getting proposed to, you and your fiancé deserve a little time bask in the newfound happiness! Announce this news when you want it and how you want it. And by the way…congrats in advance to all of our budding romances this year!!!

Amber Bentley
Social Media Manager/Event Assistant
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